One of the most elegant and trendiest ways to enhance your wedding these days is to add up-lighting.

So, what is Up-lighting? Up-lighting is simply casting a light up a wall or column, to create a truly magical background and give any room an ambient glow! Up-lighting brings your wedding to life and is THE HOTTEST trend in Weddings today. 70% of Brides use up-lighting packages to paint an elegant tone at their reception. Look at some pictures, and imagine an Up-Lighting Package enhancing your event!

This is a room where no up-lighting is used.

The same room with 3 up-lights turned on.

A few of the areas local venues have recently started offering Up Lighting. For example, Saratoga National Golf Club, The Franklin Plaza and Mallozzi’s. Although, if your wedding venue doesn’t have it, you can easily obtain it via your DJ, Band or any Special Event Rental Company.

And Yes, We Offer Up-Lights Alone, without our DJ services.

For those who are interested in simply booking the up lighting alone, we can rent up-lights as a “deliver it, turn it on, pick it up later” rental.